Selected Topics for the Panel Discussion

Selected Themes for the Panel Discussions. Our Opening Ceremony is to be addressed by world class matter expert, Head of State, known business luminaries, fortune 500 CEOs & African CEO’s.

GHANA CEO SUMMIT (4th Edition)-Program

High Level Business Case Panel

CEO Business Case: Radically Transforming your Business.
CEO Business Case: Building an African Multinational Company

Presidential Panel

Plenary with President of Ghana & invited Guest President. Join a high-level conversation on Economic Development Leadership, Social Inclusion and Technology

Technology & Innovation Panel

The Futuristic Economy: Technology-Driven Future of Business & Governance for Economic Transformation
Ghana’s Future Economy: How will the tech revolution revitalize Ghana’s economic growth? What are the economic policies needed in line with the new global dynamic?

Public-Private Sector Dialogue

With emphasis on the Economy and Doing Business in Ghana
Towards a solution-oriented Policy Framework
Structured Public-Private dialogue as a viable process and institutional framework of voluntary collaboration between government & businesses

Ambassadorial Panel

Linking Emerging and Developed Market through FDI: Partnership for Business & Economic Development

Women Leadership Panel

Future of Women (CEO) In Leadership.
Women as tomorrow’s Leaders. Paths to the top; Challenges and keys to success.

The BoardRoom (Corporate Governance) Panel

Ethics & Corporate Governance: How Corporate Governance can ensure that high ethical standards are met to restore trust.

Speaker Topics, Cases & Expert Insights

CEO Best Practice: Business Performance Results and Personal Growth Development for CEOs.

Cybersecurity Solutions: confronting cybercrime through public-private partnership.

Family Business and Succession Agenda: A Strategic discussion around Family governance and succession planning.

Private-Equity: Opportunities for growth. What are the most effective levers for investors to accelerate company’s growth?.

Ghana’s Banking Economy: Building Financial Market Resilience, through the structural reforms in the banking sector.

The African Economic Outlook: What are the top issues on the African economic agenda and how will they be addressed in the year ahead?.


The Futuristic Economy: The roadmap for the Technology-Driven Future of Business & Governance for Economic Transformation. The world of Business and Governance is at the threshold of transformation driven by confluence of emerging technologies, including genome editing, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation and 3D technologies. It is changing the world of work profoundly; jobs, skills, employment, education, industries, manufacturing, business models and economies are undergoing fundamental transformations.

The current pace of change, whiles fast, is likely to be slower than the pace of change in the future. Our lives are being shaken to their very core by technological change, with the tech revolution transforming economies as never before.

Amazing innovations not only create phenomenal opportunities for economic growth, but also serious societal challenges as well. Vast numbers of jobs will be replaced by machine intelligence and robots. The increasing capabilities of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering have the potential to get beyond the control of their creators. The level of transformation requires extreme leadership- strong leaders with a strong vision. Countries that are currently struggling are the countries with the weakest leadership. And if we don’t address this, we will see unbelievable levels of poverty.

With the arrival of the tech revolution, what will business and economic growth look like in the future? And how will success be measured? How will the tech revolution revitalize Ghana’s economic growth? What are the economic policies needed in line with the new global dynamics? What are these game-changing technologies? How are these technologies going to change the face of business, government and society? Are we prepared for these changes? What big bets are companies making in the digital transformation of the business models and organizational structures? As a leader and executive, what changes will have the most impact on your business and how can you best prepare to meet and take advantage of these changes now?

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