• Who is Attending?
    Over 400 CEOs
  • When is it?
    20th & 21st May,2019
  • Where is it happening?
    Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra

    The GHANA CEO SUMMIT has established itself as a unique top-tier thought leadership platform dedicated to the private sector in Ghana and Africa for thought provoking discussions, meet, network exchange experiences, explore business opportunities and brokering partnerships. The event takes place in a high-quality setting, conducive to doing business. The Summit adopts Panels, Plenary Sessions, Deal Rooms and Open Fora for lively and thought-provoking themed discussions among peers moderated by a seasoned industry lead.

    The Annual GHANA CEO SUMMIT since its maiden edition in September, 2016 has been a real success as it has attracted more than 1400 dignitaries from the public and private sectors including H.E. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and more than 100 top-level speakers, panelists and experts. Over 900 participating companies, over 50 attending journalists from 25 Global & Local media outlets. Streamed live globally with over 300,000 views across continents. 87% of attendees feel a great sense of significance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives, with 75% of attendees identifying & clinching business opportunities.


    Since 2016, the GHANA CEO SUMMIT has gathered more than 1400 Ghanaian and international game-changers each year to explore and set Ghana’s business agenda.

    Join over 900 CEO’s representing a wide range of industries.
    Meet 100+ government officials and heads of development institutions.
    Participate in the largest gathering of financial investors and top financiers involved in Ghana’s financial and equity sectors.

    The GHANA CEO SUMMIT is the foremost business conference for CEOs, Heads of State, Policy Makers, Investors & Business Leaders. It is committed to unlocking Ghana’s economic potential by championing private-sector led growth, leading discussions around innovative public policies and best growth-oriented business practices. It offers cutting-edge content, guarantees good ROI’s for sponsors, impacts decision by policy makers, attracts massive media coverage and engenders strong private-public sector dialogue in Ghana.


    The Futuristic Economy: The roadmap for the Technology-Driven Future of Business & Governance for Economic Transformation. The world of Business and Governance is at the threshold of transformation driven by confluence of emerging technologies, including genome editing, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation and 3D technologies. It is changing the world of work profoundly; jobs, skills, employment, education, industries, manufacturing, business models and economies are undergoing fundamental transformations.

    The current pace of change, whiles fast, is likely to be slower than the pace of change in the future. Our lives are being shaken to their very core by technological change, with the tech revolution transforming economies as never before.

    Amazing innovations not only create phenomenal opportunities for economic growth, but also serious societal challenges as well. Vast numbers of jobs will be replaced by machine intelligence and robots. The increasing capabilities of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering have the potential to get beyond the control of their creators. The level of transformation requires extreme leadership- strong leaders with a strong vision. Countries that are currently struggling are the countries with the weakest leadership. And if we don’t address this, we will see unbelievable levels of poverty.

    With the arrival of the tech revolution, what will business and economic growth look like in the future? And how will success be measured? How will the tech revolution revitalize Ghana’s economic growth? What are the economic policies needed in line with the new global dynamics? What are these game-changing technologies? How are these technologies going to change the face of business, government and society? Are we prepared for these changes? What big bets are companies making in the digital transformation of the business models and organizational structures? As a leader and executive, what changes will have the most impact on your business and how can you best prepare to meet and take advantage of these changes now?

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